Matt Peet

Lover of family, Christmas, Jesus, bad puns, and travel. 

Let's start my story in high school for a quick minute.

I went to a small private school (less than 1000 people at the time) in South Carolina. In high school I thought I wanted to go to college to be a doctor. I aced my anatomy class and thought I would really enjoy that tract until I took Chemistry. After giving that class everything I had and then some I was in a really low point when I finished the semester with a 71 average beating a failing grade by 2 points. It was really rough. The next year I had one class that was a mini block (45 minute electoral class) and it was a class about entrepreneurship which I had no idea what that meant. I just knew I didn't want to take an electoral art class. The entrepreneurship class was so eye opening! We even had a project where we had to get in groups and create a product to sell to other kids at school and then we split the profit, it was so much fun!

Fast forward to college where I signed up for Graphic Design so I could be in 4 years of electoral art classes.....😅

I wanted to go to college for video but the college I chose didn't offer it so I opted for the closest thing. I really did enjoy the classes even though I still can't draw or paint despite literal HOURS of doing just that. One thing it really did help with was giving me knowledge of how to use the design software like adobe illustrator, photoshop, and self taught video editing through the adobe suit. I was able to create my own business logo, business cards, websites, etc... I did an internship with a videographer and invested in online coaches and courses that taught video so I could pursue that while getting an eye for design. 

I started my first business in college, a video production company that shot primarily weddings. Taking graphic design allowed me to design my first business without having to pay anyone for things like logo design, website, business cards design, etc...

I picked up a lot of technical skills and most importantly I picked up the skill of how to learn things. 

My brother and I when I was in college

Since graduating I've had a couple of jobs but just didn't like working for other people so I've been working full time with video production. I've shot everything from weddings to 4000 person conferences across America. I've shot videos in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chicago, Philly, Orlando, LA, Texas, Utah, Cruise Ships, and I've even shot a video for DISNEY WORLD! 😎I've absolutely loved getting to do everything I've gotten to do but one thing I've learned about myself is that most of my (95%) of my business comes from word of mouth. I get that is great but it also takes the control away from me to promote my business. If people stop referring me then I stop making money. I want to learn how to market my business(es) and take some control back!

Enter the Matt Peet Marketing Podcast.

I wanted to create a podcast that allowed me to learn from people who specialize in marketing so I could learn from them while providing them a platform and helping others in similar situations to me. I feel like it's a win-win-win for everyone. I do some work and get to learn from professionals, Professionals get to grow their audience and brand, and you get to listen in for FREE (and leave some 5 star reviews on itunes to help a brother out 😉)

If you ever need help with the technical side of things then I am here for you! As I learn and grow from these marketers then it will be my mission to share that knowledge with you too!

Lastly, This podcast is not set it stone. The format, questions, and focus may change. If you have suggestions for improvements then send them my way, let's be a part of this together!Thanks for listening to the podcast, I hope it helps in insurmountable ways!

-Matt Peet