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Packages prices based on a 6 month contract


Stay connected with your social media audience




  • One Shoot Day Per Month
  • Teleprompter for Recording If needed
  • Up to 4 Social Media videos each Month 
  • Thumbnails for Each Video
  • Fast Turnaround

Everything and then some




  • Everything in the Popular Plan+ 
  • Another Video Ad (2 total Video Ads per month)
  • Another Promo Video (2 total Promo Videos per month)
  • Staff/volunteer Headshots 
  • Photo Moments from Promo Videos to use on Social Media.


"I've had the pleasure of working with Matt on multiple occasions and he ALWAYS brings the heat!"

Kate Erickson - Entrepreneurs On Fire

" I’ve always enjoyed working with Matt Peet. Not only does he produce quality work but his turnaround time is amazing! His Creative Ability to tell a story is above any other videographer I’ve ever worked with."

Donald Kelly - The Sales Eveangelist

I have been shooting video since high school and I've been full time since I graduated college in 2014. My clients range from small businesses, start-ups, and churches all the way to events from 40 people to 4000 people. Through my time with video I have learned what works and what doesn't.

I wanted to create some packages for businesses that makes it a no brainer for any business owner to say yes to. Normally my clients spend a minimum of $2000 per video with some clients spending upwards of $40,000 on a contract of videos. I created packages giving you everything you could possibly need to connect with your audience and make more sales. 

My clients have access to me anytime. I want you to have success with each of your videos so I encourage you to reach out to me anytime you have questions on how to get the most use out of your videos. Communication is key!

Staying in touch with their congregation is an obvious win for my clients because they get to talk to their congregants on a weekly basis outside of the Sunday Morning worship. Putting out videos with church news, testimonials from staff or members, Sermon bumpers, or simply staying top of mind can be a struggle but if you have a video to put out each week then it takes some of the stress off of you. You don't have to figure out how to connect with your members. 

Matt is a Rockstar!!!!


My experience with Matt is nothing but positive. I do not have the vocabulary to express how fantastic and professional he is! Book him, you will not be sorry!Book him!!! You will not be anything but overjoyed with your experience to work with Matt!

Grey Shealy

Some of my work

Church Promo's

I do some work for Alice Drive Baptist Church and this video was made for their satellite campus as they celebrated their 3rd year serving the community. This is a great intro to potential guests looking into the church and makes a great Facebook header video. 😉 


This is one example of a testimonial video. These can take many different forms but this one is from a series where the staff & volunteers share their story of how they came to Alice Drive. They use these as part of their online streaming they do each week. 

Sermon Bumpers

These can be used to create a teaser for what's coming up on Sunday or used to add to your churches recorded sermon so people have an introduction to the service. 

Mini Sermons

This is a video I shot and it is basically a mini sermon. It took a couple of takes to get it right but the final video is continuous one shot, while walking, and it turned out great!

Church Conferences

This is Chillipepper. This is an awesome conference that takes place in Pigeon Forge, TN every year. I've got you covered for large and small events. 😉 

Package FAQ's

What could I use 4 social media videos a month for?

Like with many things in life, Consistency is key. If your audience knows that you put out high quality content then they will return when you put out new content. So what could you put in the videos? Don't think you have enough to say for 4 videos? 

The opportunities are endless and it really comes down to your church and what message you want to put out there. I could spend hours writing examples of videos like FAQ Videos, testimonials, sermon bumpers, church news, etc... or you could just set up a time to talk so we can discuss what might work best for your church. No obligation for a meeting!

Why is the use of a teleprompter important?

I've shot video of a lot of people and some people are absolute naturals at being on camera and they can knock it out in one take. Others completely freeze up and forget everything they wanted to say. The teleprompter sits in front of the camera and has your script on it. It removes the fear of looking in a camera, makes it so you don't forget anything, and speeds up the process so you don't spend all day trying to record a 2 minute long video. It can save hours of your time spent getting frustrated and then still end up hating the final product. 

Why do I need thumbnails for the videos?

Whenever you upload your videos to platforms like facebook or youtube it gives you the option of adding a thumbnail. The thumbnail is the picture that shows up until someone clicks the video. You could choose a frame of video at random and grab no ones attention or you could have a consistent look and a professionally created thumbnail so your audience knows when they see your video that they need to click! 

Why is Fast turnaround important?

Having quick turn-around allows you to plan out and schedule your posts so you don't have to deal with it as much.

What is different about an ad vs a social media video?

The purpose of the video is important. The thought process behind creating a video to be used as an ad is different than creating one to help build a brand and to be used as ongoing content. Yes, you can use any video as an ad but creating a video specifically for an ad can give you more bang for your buck! 

What is a "Promo video"?

Promo videos can be used as a cornerstone video for your church to help people get to know your church and see you more. They typically use B-roll (extra footage of your church) layered on top of you talking about your church to really make a cinematic video for you to be proud to show everyone! You could have a video promoting the importance of Sunday Morning worship and why you are a great option, or have a video really showing how fun your youth group is to encourage others to join. These are the kind of videos that your congregation can share when telling others about how awesome your church is.

Headshots and Video Moments

For our highest package, you can get headshots of you and any Staff. These are great for introducing your staff and volunteers on social media and any other uses like an about page on your website. Video Moments are screen grabs from your promo videos that you can use for social media to give you some extra content. These can really help create high quality content for you to share. 

What's the next step?

If you have made it this far then you understand the power of video for your church and you are interested. All you have to do now is to talk with me and let's get you set up! 

The next step is for you to fill out the contact form below.

I've tried to create these packages with churches in mind. I wanted to offer you something that allows you to get top notch video content at an affordable rate. If there is something else you would like to see added then get in touch and let me know!

Unfortunately, I can only handle 5 clients at a time in order to give each client the quality and attention they deserve. 

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