Syncing Audio to Video

Lesson 6 Module 2

Some issues you may run into.

If the "Synchronize" Button is greyed out or isn't working, here are some issues to check:

1) Make sure you have the correct audio and video files. If you have the wrong file it won't work. I've grabbed the wrong audio file before and it can't sync because the data just doesn't match.

2) Make sure there is enough audio for it to sample. When recording, don't turn off the recording devices every time you make a mistake. Let it roll and cut it out later, it will save a ton of time.

3) Make sure each video and audio file are on a separate layer. If you have made any cuts then that will cause it to be greyed out. If you make a cut then you have to move it to a separate layer. This is why Synchronizing clips is always my first step when editing.