Video Editing Basics

3 Modules 13 Lessons Easy

About this course

This is a quick rundown on how to edit some simple videos so you can start using that to market your business! 

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Course Structure


Editing starts with your organization!

Why Premiere Pro?

I use premiere pro and that's what I teach on but once you learn the lingo you can apply that knowledge to other editing software. 

booting it up!

Now we are going to get started. This should be quick and painless. 

Importing Footage

Let's have a quick overview of how to import footage. This part is even easier than the last. ;-) 

Creating your sequence

Let's talk about timelines and sequences and how to set your up quickly!

5 Lessons


Syncing Audio to Video

Let's sync your Audio to your Video so you can sound as good as you look!

Adding B-roll

Let's talk about B-roll and how to add it to your video to take it to the next level!

Text and Graphics

Want to add some text and Graphics? Here is how you do it fast!

Audio levels

Want to add some music and adjust your audio levels so you can still hear yourself talk? Me too. 

Adding more sequences

How to take one piece of content and make it work for you more than once!

3 Lessons


Export Your Video!

Time to export that thing so you can show the world what you are made of!

Sharing your new videos!

Don't just export and stop there.... Here is how you upload to Facebook!

That’s a wrap!

Now you should have the skills to edit those videos and get your message out there!