October 20

Ep 38: Arguably The Best Type of Marketing – with John Schuchman!

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Welcome to John Schuchman's 2nd appearance on the podcast!

In case you missed him the first time, John went from being broke and 70K in debt to being debt free, having a year of living expenses in the bank, and doing so well in Real Estate that after his wife’s maternity leave ended in June when their second baby was born, she was able to give notice to her job and be a stay-at-home mom. In real estate, they say you will average making $20,000 a year for your first two years. He knew we would never survive on $20,000 a year so he worked his butt off, and when he hit my 2 year mark (August 28th, 2019) he had built a six figure business.

In addition to his work as Realtor, he also hosts the "Real Estate Survival Guide podcast", a podcast to help Realtors survive in the real estate business! A couple months ago, just 6 months in, was in the top 10% of podcasts worldwide.

When he is not selling real estate or working on his podcast, John does 1 on 1 coaching with Realtors.

He also recently began doing social media coaching for other businesses as well! John has found his superpower in coaching others to use social media to grow their business, as he estimated almost half of his real estate business has come to him by using social media organically (NO ADS!) to grow his business.

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Matt Peet

Matt Peet is an entrepreneur loving, videographer who has a passion for good hot wings, Christmas time, National Parks, and helping others.

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