Hey Russell, Here are some client's videos

Podcast Cruise Highlight

Highlight Video

This video was shot on a cruise ship and helped highlight the podcasting conference. Event highlights are where I got my start so I always love a chance to get to put one together.

Coffee Loop

Looping Ads

I worked with a startup local Coffee Company to make some videos for their launch. I love the simplicity of repurposing footage from their long form promo video into short loopable videos to sprinkle in their marketing and grab attention with long form sales copy.

One Shot Promo

Creative Edits

This is another promo for Flying Fox Coffee and was created from one continuous video shot to grab attention. 

Podcast Movement Virtual Closing Video

Event Promo

Like many other events last year, Podcast Movement had to go virtual. As their videographer I put together all of their opening and closing videos as well as any other video material they needed. This one was used at the end of every day of the virtual conference to promote Podcast Movement in Nashville this year!

OFA unboxing

Multicamera Edits

I'm experienced in multi-camera editing. I figured this would be the perfect video to show you an example of that technique. 😉

Working with Disney

Working with Big Companies

This video was a collaborative effort where I worked on a team and with Disney to produce the video.  My responsibilities included getting B-roll and establishing shots. I included this video to show my ability to work within a multi-dimensional environment.

Woodhouse Day Spa

Sale Promotion

I was approached by Woodhouse Day Spa marketing in Charleston, SC to produce a 4 part video series for a sales promotion campaign. We received feedback from their team that the videos helped generate over $200,000 in revenue in one weekend.

Welcome to Podcast Movement Evolutions

Hype Videos

For this video I took a different approach than a typical welcome video and decided for a vlog style aesthetic.