What If You Could Learn To Create Simple Videos FAST And Drive More Sales ... Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars To Hire A Professional Videographer?

Tired of Having This Annoying Problem?

The Following Is A Message For Every Entrepreneur Who Needs To Find A Better Way To Market 

But Can't Spend Thousands Of Dollars To Hire Someone To Press Record.

From The Desk of: Matt Peet

Re: Secrets to Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Hi, I’m Matt Peet and I am an entrepreneurial videographer who has spent 10 years learning everything about videography and learning what really matters when it comes to creating video content that converts. You don't need to be a professional videographer in order to make the perfect marketing videos, I can show you what you do need. .

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about Secrets to Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs!

In fact, here's the biggest problem

you face right now...

It's thinking you need a professional videographer in order to make good videos...

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Because other professional videographers make it seem like a huge deal to make videos and sell courses on how to be like them.!

Which means you think you need to be a professional videographer in order to make videos. It is information overload because you are being taught so much stuff that you DON'T need to make videos that convert..

And, worst of all, most entrepreneurs can't get past the idea that you don't have to hire a professional videographer if you want to put out quality videos. They TRY to learn how to do it on their own and then stop trying because everyone makes it seem so difficult. Then they say "well I'll just hire a professional when I can afford it" but then it never gets done because if you aren't marketing then you will never be able to justify spending thousands of your own dollars. 

But luckily for you there's now a solution to your problem!!

I stumbled on the secret to making more money and saving thousands by

doing this one thing in your business.

How did I STUMBLE on this secret?

Let me tell you a quick story!

There I was, a wedding videographer trying to work with more entrepreneurs.

The thing is, at the time I was only making enough money to pay my bills and get by. I didn't realize it at the time but I was going in to debt. I had created a job for myself that I could never stop working in. If I stopped working then my business stopped and I wouldn't make any money..

The big problem was that I lost out on a bid that I thought I had in the bag. A bid for a company that would have changed my life and allowed me to cut back on the work that was burning me out. That meant I felt trapped. I didn't know how to grow my business so I couldn't cut back on work that was burning me out. , which burned me out. I worked until I couldn't anymore. There was no light at the end of the tunnel and I couldn't get out. I would lay in bed at night and cry and had no motivation to grow my business so it started to decline..

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I got a call from a marketer friend who wanted me to shoot a small set of videos for one of her clients. I shot these really simple videos that ended up banking her client over $200,000! about Marketing videos that convert, don't need to be fancy. You can make simple videos with very minimal gear that can make you a lot of money.!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to help entrepreneurs make more money than I ever thought imaginable without even hiring someone like myself to make the videos for them., because I saw I had the ability to change the game for entrepreneurs by showing them how to create an endless amount of videos without spending tens of thousands of dollars hiring professionals.

My plan was to start create a business that would focus on helping entrepreneurs learn how to market their product or services with effective video marketing.

So I started creating the business and website. But I didn’t stop there.

I then created a simple free course teaching the basics on video editing.

After that, I sent the free course to all of the people that had been asking me for a course for years. .

Bottom line: In the end I was able to help many entrepreneurs get up and running with editing videos and start getting their brand in front of people. .

Building on that success, I decided to Create a full blown course, not just covering editing but what you need to know about planning, shooting, editing, and implementing videos in your marketing without any of the fluff that can hold you back..

I call it “Secrets to Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs ”.

With Secrets to Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs I can now work with so many entrepreneurs to help them create videos that will help them bring in more money and find financial freedom! You will be able to quickly create videos that convert, save thousands of dollars by not having to hire a professional, and be able to put out more content than you know what to do with!!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

So here's what I've got for you today...

If you're an entrepreneur who really needs to find a better way to market but can't spend thousands of dollars to hire someone to press record, here's the solution you've been looking for...

Introducing... "Secret to Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs Course"

Entrepreneur loving, Disney Fan, Traveling Enthusiast

Hey, I'm Matt and I have spent 10 years learning everything to learn about video creation.

A.K.A. I spent 10 years learning what doesn't work with video so you don't have to. I also spent years wanting to find a way to truly help entrepreneurs and for the longest time thought that meant making epic videos for them.

After realizing that marketing videos don't need to be epic, I realized I could offer immense amounts of value showing you how to create effective videos.

... And you don't have to pay me thousands of dollars

How amazing would it be if you could have a system in place to create all of your marketing material to bring in more sales than you know what to do with?

If you take this course and make the decision to use the information given to change your business then you could change your entire life. Being able to create video content quickly and without any headaches will give you more content across all forms and help you drive your sales through the roof.

The stress of "Where will my next client come from?" or the fear of having no control over your income can GO AWAY if you use this information and implement it quickly.

Learn how to quickly and easily create video content to put in front of your target audience to give you some freedom in your business.


"Secret To Video Marketing For Entrepreneurs Course"

"Secret to Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs Course" Helps You:

• Create videos to drive more sales so you can reach your business goals...

• Save thousands of dollars by not having to hire a professional to make a simple video....

•Create marketing materials for your business by starting with video. You will have videos, photos, and copy to promote your business...

• Bypass the weeks and months it would take to learn all of this the hard way with trial and error...

• Finally learn how to put out quality marketing material on a regular basis to keep up with the speed of social media...

... and much, MUCH more!

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with "Secret to Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs Course" in 3 hours or less and it costs less than a night out for drinks.

So again, if you're a an entrepreneur who wants to drive more sales to their product or service, understand this:

You will get in on the ground floor for a ground floor price....

You will get more of my attention as I build out the course with you. I will be invested in your success as I watch the content that works for your business growth....

Act Now - Before It's Too Late!

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With the

"Secret to Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs Course"

Secrets to Video Marketing For Entrepreneurs Course

($2000 Value)

This Course is your solution to create marketing videos so you're able to bypass hiring a professional for thousands of dollars and take control of your marketing and social media presence so you can be known and grow your business fast.

The Go-To Guide For Entrepreneurial Video Marketing

($47 Value)

This Ebook makes it easy for you to quickly reference while planning, shooting, editing, or implementing your marketing videos which helps you hit the ground running and get to making videos fast and stop wasting your valuable time trying to find the correct ways to create effective marketing videos. Find the specific information you need within 20 pages instead of searching the entire youtube library for a simple answer..

Video Thumbnail guide to get more video views

($37 Value)

This video training of how to create thumbnails to get your video more views. is your solution to create effective, eye-catching video images so you can grabs your target audiences attention to drive even more traffic and sales and stop wasting time creating content that your target audience doesn't see. If you spend the time creating videos then make it so people can find your content.

Act Now And Get These Incredible Bonuses...

BONUS #1: How to Edit a Video Podcast ($200 Value)

Having a Podcast is like a megaphone for your business and being able to distribute it on podcast platforms as well as social media is a huge advantage! In this training I'm going to show you how to systematize your podcast editing so it's as fast as possible and always looks good!

BONUS #2: Secrets to get massive traction with video, every entrepreneur needs to know ($500 Value)

I am going to have some of the best guests on my podcast and they are going to have too much knowledge for one podcast episode. I am going to have as many relevant bonus episodes that will be added to this course. Think of it as an ever-growing library of content from professional marketers. They will show you how to best use video in their specific niche. 

BONUS #3: Three things to check before pressing record ($19 Value)

This phone-sized checklist makes it a snap for you to record flawless videos every time which enables you to check the top 3 mistakes most people make when recording videos so you don't make them as well. Save time because you don't have to record the same video over because of a simple mistake.

Here is Everything You Get Today

Secrets to Video Marketing

for Entrepreneurs

Secrets To Video Marketing For Entrepreneurs Course($2000 Value)

The Go-To Guide For Entrepreneurial Video Marketing

($47 Value)

Video Thumbnail Guide To Get More Video Views

($37 Value)

BONUS #1: How to Edit a Video Podcast

($1500 Value)

BONUS #2: Secrets To Get Massive Traction With Video Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

($197 Value)

BONUS #3: The 3 Things To Check Before Pressing Record System

($19 Value)

Total Value: $3,781

But Today, You're Getting All Of This...


This is the cheapest this course will ever be

Here's to your success with Secrets to Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs!

-Matt Peet

P.S. - If you're sick and tired of thinking you need to be a professional videographer in order to make videos, then Secret to Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs Course is the solution you've been looking for... let's get started today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My goal is for all of my course clients to be happy with their purchase and see results in their marketing. If you go through this course and aren't able to make videos then let me know!

Matt Peet

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