With Matt Peet Marketing, you get high end video production so you can highlight and promote to grow your event and give your attendees a top notch experience!

High-end videography

Throwing an event is not easy. I've shot video at my fair share of them and I see the crazy amount of detail that goes into it. You want to make sure you choose the best video team to take care of it so you can have top notch videos to highlight and promote your event. I am confident I can be the best possible videographer for your event!

No hidden fees when I shoot your event, you even get the raw footage for free!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Work With Matt Peet

So what makes working with me worth it? Aside from my more than 10 years of videography experience, here are some great benefits!

On Site Sizzles

This is a highlight video of your event shown at your event! John Lee Dumas named these "On Site Sizzles" way back in 2015 when I first shot one for him! Extremely fast turnaround, for no extra charge! 

No Hour Limit

I've had conference days when I get up at 6:30am and shoot until midnight, then start editing that days footage! I do whatever it takes to make sure I capture everything that represents your event!

Free Raw Footage

Yea, I've seen conferences get charged $5000 just to get the raw footage of their OWN conference. Not with Matt Peet Marketing! That is part of the deal!

Marketing Experience

Because I'm also a marketer I am constantly thinking of things that can be done to improve the videos performance and increase your reach. I am more than happy to advise and brainstorm on other ways you can use your videos to increase your reach!

Here’s what people are saying about me!

These are some testimonials from some of the people I have had the opportunity to work with. I always say that I have some of the best clients so I'm excited to showcase them here!

Kate Erickson

Entrepreneurs On Fire

"I've had the pleasure of working with Matt on multiple occasions and he ALWAYS brings the heat!"

Donald Kelly

The Sales Evangelist

" I’ve always enjoyed working with Matt Peet. Not only does he produce quality work but his turnaround time is amazing! His Creative Ability to tell a story is above any other videographer I’ve ever worked with."

Grey Shealy

Grey Bird Media

My experience with Matt is nothing but positive. I do not have the vocabulary to express how fantastic and professional he is! Book him, you will not be sorry!

Book him!!! You will not be anything but overjoyed with your experience to work with Matt!

What is the process?

Here are the quick steps to getting high-end content for your business!


Step 1: The "Let's Talk" Phase

First, we will jump on a call to talk about what you are looking for. I want to make sure I can provide you exactly what you want and you get a chance to ask me any questions about how I operate when shooting your event. I'll ask questions about your event and brand to so we can be on the same page and so I can make suggestions on how to potentially improve my services for your audience. If you need more than one call to get your questions answered, that's totally fine. If you are want to sign us then I'll go ahead and start drawing up the contract and I'll put a soft hold on your event date.


Step 2: The Contract

Next is to get your date reserved! I can't put a permanent hold on your date until we have a signed contract and retainer fee so I want to go ahead and get that taken care of so it's on my calendar. The contract will basically outline the deliverables we discussed on the phone call, dates, payments, etc...


Step 3: Get the Graphics

In order to make sure I have everything I need I request all of the usable logos for your brand, color codes, and prefered fonts. I've had to make changes a clients graphics ( that I didn't even make in the first place) on the spot because of typos. I was able to do it because I was prepared with everything involving your brand! It also makes any deliverables faster because I'm not constantly asking for assets.


Step 4: Shooting

Unless you booked any other pre-event videos, our next task is to capture awesome video of your event! This is big part of why my clients love me. They know that I'm going to capture great footage to promote their event and they also know that if there is definitely something they do or don't want me to capture then they can just let me know. In fact, it's part of the communication between us that I make sure to have a list of important things you want captured at your event so you can have peace of mind that it will be captured!


Step 5: Delivery

At this point all we have left to do is edit all of your videos together so you can start sharing it around and using it to promote your next event! You also get a revision on all of your videos to make sure you get exactly what you want!

About Your Videographer,

Matt Peet

Matt Peet got his start with video back in 2010 and has been referred to as a world class videographer and people say that he Over-delivers!

Since 2010 Matt has shot countless weddings and events, driven across the country to shoot videos, shot conferences on cruise ships and in Puerto Rico, He even had the opportunity to work with Disney and shoot a video for them! 

Getting his start in events and weddings at the start of his career, he was able to learn how to always be prepared for anything. 

Want some more social proof?

People seriously love working with Matt Peet and the team he brings along. Don't take it from us. Here are some more reviews!

jared Easely

Co-Founder of Podcast Movement

I love Matt Peet like a fat kid loves cake! His group was not only professional, but fun to work with. The final product of the video & audio captured exceeded our expectations! Matt Peet over delivers!

Bill Cox

Founder of Concoxions

Our ministry does large-scale conferences and we have worked with Matt Peet on numerous productions over the years. I recommend him highly. For starters, Matt is a great guy with which to work, but that wouldn't mean much unless he also did quality work. And he does. Among the things I appreciate about Matt is that he is always striving to take what he does to the next level. That means he is constantly adding equipment and increasing his knowledge and skills. I love his creativity, his out-of-the-box solutions, and his willingness to go the extra mile. I've called on Matt for projects large and small and will continue to do so. As a matter of fact, I need to call him now.

Why You Can Have Confidence In Matt Peet!

From the desk of Matt:

So the ultimate question is "Can I trust Matt to capture my event?"

I got my start in weddings, the most important day in a couples life and some of the most stressful work videographers can do. Weddings offer a level of stress that many videographers never experience and because I always strive to over-deliver I learned how to do a Same-Day-Edit which means I would shoot the wedding, edit the wedding highlight, and show it at the wedding reception to all of the guests and the couple on a projector I would bring. Being able to go above and beyond for my clients is how I was able to grow my video business successfully and quickly. I was able to go full time in my video business 3 months after graduating college in 2014 and has been doing it ever since!

My goal is to ultimately create video content that helps you achieve a goal. Wether you want to highlight your event, be able to use them as in stream ads on facebook or youtube, or use it in a video on your about page on your website. We will talk about what you want to achieve with video and find the best possible way to make it happen.

I've been trusted with everything from $2500 TV commercials all the way up to $43,000 year long contracts to create a suite of videos to help promote an entire town. I know I can create videos that will help you sell your event in the future and grow your business!


The main question I always get is "How much $ is it going to cost me?"

There is no set $ amount that I charge for every event. Each event is different in how many days I'll be shooting, how many videos you want in the end, what kind of videos you want, etc... so the best way to find out a price is to fill out the contact form and set up a time for us to talk so I can get you a quote!

Contact Matt Peet

If you are interested in talking to me one-on-one about my services then fill out this form so I can give you a call.

I'm looking forward to talking to you about your event and helping you create the best marketing and highlight videos for your event!

Fill out this quick form and I'll be in touch soon!

Still not convinced? Here are some MORE testimonials from past clients!

martha Jones


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These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your course was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after they see the price, so include some testimonials here that alleviate that anxiety.

Shawn parker


Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your course was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after they see the price, so include some testimonials here that alleviate that anxiety.

Jessica Sanders


Pull out a few key words for a testimonial title

These 3 testimonials should focus on why past customers found that your course was absolutely the right decision. Remember, your visitors are looking for reasons not to buy after they see the price, so include some testimonials here that alleviate that anxiety.

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