January 26

Ep 51: Wealth Of Connection with Vincent Pugliese!

Oh jeez.... 

Vincent Pugliese is someone that i've known for years now. I met him at podcast movement back in 2016 and had him on my first ever podcast where he talked about his book "Freelance to Freedom" which shared his journey from being stuck in a dead end newspaper photography job to having a successful photography business that gave them total freedom.

I've been in Vincents online community ever since. I've even talked about the Total Life Freedom community on the show and it is for anyone who is looking to have... Total Life Freedom.

Vincent is also the host of "The Total Life Freedom" Podcast, A daily, short format show, with compelling stories. the show is an informative and engaging solo podcast to inspire freelancers and entrepreneurs to build a life of time, money and location freedom.

Vincent also has a new book coming out this spring titled "The Wealth of Connection" !

About the author 

Matt Peet

Matt Peet is an entrepreneur loving, videographer who has a passion for good hot wings, Christmas time, National Parks, and helping others.

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